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The Suzuki Method was founded about a century ago by the Japanese Doctor Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki called his method ‘talent education’, believing that talent does not need to be inherited but can be learned, just as one’s native language is learned. For this reason he also referred to the method as the ‘Mother Tongue Approach’. Shinichi was fascinated by the fact that babies learn to speak their native language perfectly, simply by listening; even when adopted into a language and culture starkly different from that of their ethnicity. He observed that babies combine single words to make sentences, which are a little later combined to form fluent conversation. Just so, in Suzuki’s music method, the more immersed a student is in the music environment, the more they develop their musical abilities – quickly and naturally. His five variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star provide the foundational building blocks for a rich beautiful tone, and fluent musical production.   Read More about the Suzuki Method

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