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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Are you currently offering in-person lessons?
Yes, all lessons are offered in person.

Do you teach adults as well as children?
Yes. In the past, students have ranged from age 2 – 82! It is never too late to start, and many adults enroll in lessons because they are looking for a new hobby, they want to fulfill a childhood dream of playing music and/or they just need something for themselves that helps them destress and recharge. These are often (but not always) the reasons why adults decide to take up violin or piano lessons.

What is the cost of lessons?
Tuition is $400 for four months of lessons, which includes at least four lessons per month. Based on the 4 lessons per month model, this breaks down to approximately $25 / lesson. Summer tuition is a bit less ($350) because it’s expected that most students will take vacations.

Can I make monthly payments?
If you have multiple children enrolled in lessons, yes, you can make monthly payments. If you have only one child (or just yourself) enrolled in lessons and you need special accommodations for making payments, please talk to Karen to discuss possible payment options.

What happens if I can’t make a lesson one week?
Then we just pick up again the following week. In lieu of rescheduling and making up lessons, we’ve built missed lessons into the price of tuition. Although it’s important (and ideal) to attend every lesson, we understand that sickness, emergencies and vacations come up. Four to five times a year, there happens to be five weeks in the given month (instead of the standard four). These are not figured into the tuition price; they are “bonus” lessons that are expected to make up for times when you are unable to attend your lesson.

Where do lessons take place?
Violin (private and group) and piano lessons are taught from Karen’s home studio in Orland Park, IL.

FAQ about Violin Lessons

Should I rent or buy a violin?
It depends on your particular situation, but in most cases it makes more sense to rent. For adults, a good quality violin that will last you a life time is rather expensive, so unless you are absolutely sure you will be taking lessons (and/or playing on the violin) for a minimum of four years, it’s probably better to just rent. For young growing children, it almost always makes more sense to rent because they are sure to outgrow the violin you buy for them before it has a chance to pay off. The exception to this would be if you have more than one child enrolled in violin lessons – in this case, the younger sibling will eventually grow into the older sibling’s violin, and it will probably pay off to just buy each size along the way, instead of renting.

Where can I rent a violin?
Quinlan & Fabish (Burr Ridge)


Austin’s Violin Shop (Sugar Grove)

Where can I buy a violin?
If you are looking for a fractional size violin, and/or your musical goals are more so recreative than professional, Shar Music is a good place to start. If your goals are leaning towards professional, and/or you are keen on playing on something that will allow for the highest quality of sound and expression, you can not go wrong with Michael Becker violins.

Shar Music

Michael Becker

Is there an extra charge for group lessons?
No. Group lessons are included in the private lesson tuition price. (Yes, this is an excellent deal!)

FAQ about Piano Lessons

Will I need to have a piano at home?
Yes, but it’s not absolutely necessary to spent a lot of money on one if you’re not able to. Although an acoustic piano (a real piano) is ideal to practice on (and one that is also in tune), a very cheap keyboard (we’re talking $100 – $200) would be sufficient, at least for quite a while. If, after a year or two, you are still passionate about taking your piano skills to the next level, an electric piano (with weighted keys) would be the next step up. Electric pianos with weighted keys mimic a real (acoustic) piano, they can be purchased for around $1000 and they never need to be tuned, which is a nice plus.

Are you ready to begin your musical journey?

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