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Piano Lessons
Private piano lessons are weekly and run all year long. For young learners, a parent is expected to attend every lesson as they are learning the instrument alongside their child, leading daily practices at home. For adult learners, bringing a notebook to each lesson is recommended.

The piano is a unique instrument in that one of its primary functions is accompanying other instruments (such as violin, flute, voice, etc.). The accompanist must know their music inside and out in order to carry the other instruments through a piece. And, unlike most solo instruments, the piano always has multiple notes being played simultaneously, with certain notes sounding much better together than with others. For all these reasons, it is essential for piano students to gain a working understanding of note reading and general music theory. For older children, teens and adults, a combination of Suzuki and Traditional methods are used – note reading and music theory are learned while students also develop the skills needed to play by ear. For young children who are not yet old enough to grasp the abstract concepts that music theory presents, the Suzuki method is used on its own. Young children will learn their songs based on finger numbers, and note reading and music theory will be introduced when they are ready.

*Piano lessons are offered in Orland Park, at the same location as for violin lessons.


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