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Lesson Commitment
The Suzuki School of Violin runs on trimesters:

Spring: January – April
Summer: May – August
Fall: September – December

When enrolling your child or yourself in lessons, you are making a 4-month commitment at a time. Every four months, students have the option to make another 4-month commitment. If, after fulfilling a 4-month commitment, a student decides to temporarily or permanently discontinue lessons for any reason, they are more than welcome to resume lessons after a 4-month ‘break’. New students may begin lessons at any time during the year or month. Returning students must resume lessons at the beginning of a new trimester.

Spring trimester (January – April) – $400
Summer trimester (May – August) – $350
Fall trimester (September – December) – $400

Tuition is based on 4 private lessons per month, for four months, and breaks down to $25 / 30 minute lesson. Shorter lessons may be offered for very young children. Longer lessons are offered for intermediate and advanced students, as well as upon request.  The lesson rate is pro-rated in these cases.

There is no extra charge for group lessons or recitals. These benefits are included in the private lesson tuition.

Payments are due in full on the first lesson date of each trimester. Financing options are available but tuition remains the same, regardless of the number of missed or cancelled lessons by the student. Lessons which have not been paid for will not be offered.

Studio Policies
Missed or Cancelled Lessons
As a courtesy, please contact Karen by phone (call or text) as soon as possible if you know you will need to miss or cancel a lesson.

Refunds, make up lessons and rescheduling are not offered for missed or cancelled lessons.

‘Bonus lessons’ are offered several times per year. Bonus lessons occur when your scheduled lesson day happens to have 5 weeks in that particular month. Tuition is based on 4 private lessons per month. So, when your scheduled lesson day has 5 weeks in a particular month, that 5th lesson is offered free of charge. It is expected that ‘bonus lessons’ will make up for lessons missed throughout the year, due to sickness, vacation, last-minute things that come up, etc..

Late Arrival
Please always plan to arrive five minutes before your scheduled lesson time. Lessons will end at the scheduled end time, regardless of a student’s late arrival.

Private Lessons
Parent should come with a notebook to each lesson and record the lesson notes; these are used for practicing with the child during the week. Video recordings may also be used – and are encouraged – to the extent they will facilitate in-home practice.

In order to get the most out of your lesson, please avoid bringing siblings along.

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