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When enrolling your child or yourself in the Suzuki School of Violin, you are making a 4-month commitment at a time. Tuition is based on four private lessons per month, with the school running on trimesters. Tuition payments are due in full on the first lesson date of each trimester. Financing options are available but tuition payments remain the same, regardless of the number of missed or cancelled lessons by the student. Make up lessons are not offered, except in the case of an emergency. Students are never charged for lessons that are not being offered (in the case of holidays & teacher’s absence).

Tuition for private violin lessons in 2019 is broken down below (based on 30-minute lessons for 1 student):

Trimester 1: January 2nd – April 30th (no lessons April 19th – 22nd)

Trimester 2: May 1st – August 31st (no lessons May 25th – June 8th; July 4th)

Trimester 3: September 3rd – December 21st (no lessons November 28th – 30th)


$24 / 30 minute private lesson
$12 / 15 minute private lesson (children 6 years and under)
$10 / month (per student) for group lessons
*first year’s enrollment in group lessons is FREE


*Karen also offers beginner piano lessons for $12 / 30 minute lesson. Please contact her for more information.

Suzuki School of Violin Policies


  • Tuition payments for each trimester are due in full on the first lesson date of the given trimester. If needed, four monthly payments may be accepted, but installment amounts will remain the same, even if the student misses or cancels their lesson before they have an opportunity to pay that month’s installment.
  • A $10 late fee will be charged for payments received after the first lesson of the given trimester (or month, if making installments). This fee must be paid no later than the first lesson of the following month in order for lessons to resume.

Missed or Cancelled Lessons

  • Please contact Karen at least 24 hours in advance of any lessons that must be cancelled. If you need to cancel a lesson within 24 hours of the lesson’s start time, call or text Karen to let her know. Please do not send an email in this case.
  • Refunds and make up lessons are not offered for missed or cancelled lessons. If you miss or cancel a lesson due to a true emergency, Karen will make every effort to reschedule your lesson (assuming tuition has been paid to date).
  • ‘Bonus lessons’ are offered anywhere from 2 – 4 times per year, depending on when holidays fall in the given calendar year. Bonus lessons usually occur when there are 5 weeks in a month and your scheduled lesson day happens to have 5 weeks in that particular month. These lessons are likely to occur during months not containing a holiday (if your lesson falls on a holiday you would not have been charged for it anyway).

Late Arrival

  • Please always plan to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time. Lessons will end at the scheduled end time, regardless of a student’s late arrival.

Private Lessons

  • Parent should come with a notebook to each lesson and record the lesson notes; these are used for practicing with the child during the week.
  • In order to get the most out of your lesson, please do not bring siblings along.

New adult students, and parents of new students under the age of 18, must read, print and sign the below policy document before their first lesson.

Policy Document

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